Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to Create Desire For Your Product Or the Wow Factor - Driving Your Sales Way Up

Now lets start very simply - see the two titles, which one interested you the most, which one created in you a desire to find out more, which one is boring? How is your product being received? Do you create a boring impression in the customer, or a WOW factor, a desire for your product? OK, so you sell a boring product, so what, you still have to create the wow factor in your customer and by doing that you will generate much more business.

Take a look at your website, does it say WOW or does it say b-o-r-i-n-g? Take a look at your printed material, WOW or boring? Take a look at your presentation, WOW or boring?

I know you think it is fluff, but let us look at some examples and see what happens.

Some industries have understood this factor for years, while others have not. Take a look at cars. If the average business sales person sold cars, what would they be selling them as? My bet is they would be selling transportation, trying to fill your need to get from point to point. That is boring. Successful car sales people sell color, speed, comfort, looks, and prestige. Why do you buy a particular car?

Real Estate people have known the location, location, location factor for years. People buy houses because of location. They do not buy them because they need a place to live. We all need a place to live, but we want a great house in a great location.

The product I represent is "The Alternative Board", help for business leaders. Boring. So what I sell is increased profit, more money, more time for things other than business, ability to buy a new car, ability to move. I sell success and success is the WOW factor.

When I sold labor in the tradeshow industry I sold time. Time to go to the show site and do some things other than worry and supervise the exhibit construction. I sold comfort, I sold fun at the show, the ability to get away from the construction site and see the city. Any one can sell you labor to put your booth up - I sold you piece of mind and time. Thus, I sold you WOW.

When I sold computer consulting I sold success. If you bring us in we will make you look great by implementing the project successfully. I sold career growth, raises, glory, and the respect of others. Any one could sell technical skills, but that was not the WOW.

So, what is your WOW factor? I do not care what you sell; everything has a WOW factor.

If you sell healthcare insurance - you might sell respect and happy employees. You sell a staff that knows their families are taken care of; they do not have to worry about whether they are covered or who to call if there is a problem. They can relax and enjoy other things.

How about those in the print industry - what are you selling? What is the WOW factor for your industry? Why would I buy from you as opposed to your competition?

Many people ask how to increase their sales. Number one, find the WOW factor or create it if you cannot find it. Then build your entire sales process around it.