Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Find the Best WOW Maps

One of the reasons WOW is so popular is the sheer enormity of the world. It seems that there's always something new to explore, which is great for expansive game play, but can lead to confusion when you try to remember the best locations for mining or other activities! WOW maps can solve all of that.

Then consider that there are two expansion packs, that make an already immense landscape even larger, and that even dedicated WOW addicts sometimes forget where they've been, or where they need to go, finding great WOW maps seems like an even better idea.

The Major Continents

Depending on which expansion packs you have, and are playing with, there are three main continents: Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Northrend, and, if you have the burning crusade expansion pack, the Outland.

Knowing which lands you are playing in is the first step, but here are some ideas to find maps for the areas you need to know more about:

WOW Itself

World of Warcraft has its own maps, which show major landmarks, on the available continents, with landscapes shown.

Fan Sites

If you're looking for more complete WOW maps, fan sites are a good place to look, since they're created by dedicated WOW fans, and are usually more comprehensive. Some are simply expanded versions of the WOW maps themselves, with added information, but others are standalone, printable versions with much more information.

Google Images

Believe it or not, a search for WOW maps, or World of Warcraft Maps, on Google Images, brings up a fair number of maps that you can view and download. You can also narrow your search to a specific area by including the relevant keywords in your search.

Atlas Add On

There are atlas add ons available on line that run while you are playing, showing information on the various locations, as well as other information, and the Atlas Add On is expandable, so when new maps and information become available, you can update your service to include them.

A site that is built to house an interactive map, based on the Googlemaps format that can be searched and navigated, offering vital WOW information.

Because of its popularity, WOW maps are available all over the internet, and having a more detailed map can really make a huge difference to the quality of your game play, and help prevent confusion and frustration when you forget where a critical location is.

Much better to spend some time researching WOW maps online, and start your next campaign armed with information.