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WoW Quest Helper - Ultimate WoW Guide, the Fastest Easiest Way to Level Get Gold and Master PvP

A good WoW quest helper is hard to come by. There are a ton of them. What's even harder to find is a guide that will cover a lot of what you need to get started on the right foot. Thankfully, based on my experience I found a guide that covers all this ground effectively.

Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide was already one of the most respected guides out there. I considered it a good one as well, but my beef was that they were way behind in the in-game leveling guide category. I thought that they needed a mod to guide you by the hand within the game itself, much like some of the newer WoW leveling guides. That has now changed, Dugi has added an in-game leveling guide. Coupled with the gold guide and pvp guide, this seems like a formidable package, let's take a look at this WoW quest helper.

If you've seen some of the other in-game leveling guides, then you might have noticed that they sometimes take alot of screen real estate. Well this WoW Quest Helper changes all this by making the smallest in-game leveling guide out there, due to its compact size its great for laptop users. Let's look at a few more features

Dugi's Leveling Guide comprises of a waypoint arrow that points you directly to where you need to go. That alone is great, but it also comes with a few other features that really make the leveling experience the easiest I've ever seen. The add-on automatically detects objective completion and let's you know what the next step is. It has detailed instructions for every single quest, all you have to do is hover over the guide and it opens in a small window that shows you the order of steps. It has automatic class detection and tells you which items to use and at what times. Dugi's leveling guide has a new and exclusive feature which I really enjoyed, it is a step-by-step in-game Leveling Talent Guide. If you've played for awhile then you know how leveling talent correctly will help you to level faster. I found this feature to be very valuable.

Dugi's World of Warcraft Leveling Guide comes with full access to member only forums. I've test posted and found the community very nice and responsive. The members site also has full technical support as well as what I consider the best video tutorials of any of the leveling guides I've tested. I highly recommend the in-game leveling guide.

Dugi's PvP Guide is part of the package. What's interesting about this guide is that it is actually a very interactive members website. Yes, that is correct, it's not an ebook. I was surprised by this approach but I found that it works much better than an ebook. For instance, there is the class page, it has not only the best strategies utilized for each class, but also the best macros, and what really won me over are the video tutorials. Each subpage explaining the class PvP strategies is full of links that lead to deeper explanations if you need them. This covers a lot of ground and is a must if you plan on getting the most out of this WoW quest helper. I found it very well done.

Dugi's Farming Gold Guide and Professions Guide are done very well also. They are also interactive websites and not ebooks. They include video tutorials that will help a player of any level. I found this well done, and the first method he teaches is simple yet very effective. I can't disclose it of course, but as a seasoned veteran I was surprised I had missed this particular gold farming strategy. It's all white hat so no worries there. I'll add that all of Dugi's guides are legitimate and legal strategies. Again, this portion of the this WoW quest helper is great. I'll add quickly that the message boards are very cool, there you will find a ton of secret locations, and tried and true strategies above and beyond just the guides themselves.

All in all, a great set of WoW quest helpers. Dugi actually has a very practical strategy that he describes as this. First; get one level 80: Second; fund your characters gold: Third; Dominate in PVP. I found this to be a great approach. I highly recommend this WoW quest helper, a good all in one guide solution. Good luck!

How to Create Desire For Your Product Or the Wow Factor - Driving Your Sales Way Up

Now lets start very simply - see the two titles, which one interested you the most, which one created in you a desire to find out more, which one is boring? How is your product being received? Do you create a boring impression in the customer, or a WOW factor, a desire for your product? OK, so you sell a boring product, so what, you still have to create the wow factor in your customer and by doing that you will generate much more business.

Take a look at your website, does it say WOW or does it say b-o-r-i-n-g? Take a look at your printed material, WOW or boring? Take a look at your presentation, WOW or boring?

I know you think it is fluff, but let us look at some examples and see what happens.

Some industries have understood this factor for years, while others have not. Take a look at cars. If the average business sales person sold cars, what would they be selling them as? My bet is they would be selling transportation, trying to fill your need to get from point to point. That is boring. Successful car sales people sell color, speed, comfort, looks, and prestige. Why do you buy a particular car?

Real Estate people have known the location, location, location factor for years. People buy houses because of location. They do not buy them because they need a place to live. We all need a place to live, but we want a great house in a great location.

The product I represent is "The Alternative Board", help for business leaders. Boring. So what I sell is increased profit, more money, more time for things other than business, ability to buy a new car, ability to move. I sell success and success is the WOW factor.

When I sold labor in the tradeshow industry I sold time. Time to go to the show site and do some things other than worry and supervise the exhibit construction. I sold comfort, I sold fun at the show, the ability to get away from the construction site and see the city. Any one can sell you labor to put your booth up - I sold you piece of mind and time. Thus, I sold you WOW.

When I sold computer consulting I sold success. If you bring us in we will make you look great by implementing the project successfully. I sold career growth, raises, glory, and the respect of others. Any one could sell technical skills, but that was not the WOW.

So, what is your WOW factor? I do not care what you sell; everything has a WOW factor.

If you sell healthcare insurance - you might sell respect and happy employees. You sell a staff that knows their families are taken care of; they do not have to worry about whether they are covered or who to call if there is a problem. They can relax and enjoy other things.

How about those in the print industry - what are you selling? What is the WOW factor for your industry? Why would I buy from you as opposed to your competition?

Many people ask how to increase their sales. Number one, find the WOW factor or create it if you cannot find it. Then build your entire sales process around it.

5 Things You Need to Know About Paid Wow Leveling Guides

The following points will help you decide whether you need a wow paid leveling guide or not:

1. There are a lot of free leveling guides.

Those usually concentrate on giving tips and advices on specific areas of the game. They are usually on-line sites, that offer information. If you enjoy leveling at your own pace, and you are just looking for a source of knowledge on general leveling tips, you should just save your money, and find one of the many free wow guides out there.

2. If you are not really interested in "pacing out" the leveling experience, but just want to get it over with as soon as possible (for example, if you're leveling an Alt) you might need a paid leveling guide that does a lot more then just give tips.

the problem is choosing the right leveling guide. A lot of paid wow leveling guides are of low quality. By saying low quality we usually refer to the leveling guide being out dated, in terms of knowledge or technology.

3. Being outdated in terms of knowledge.

Being outdated in terms of knowledge means the guide is not updated with all the areas and leveling possibilities. For example, threw the various patches Blizzard changed drastically the XP given from quests. That makes questing a huge favorite over grinding for XP. Some guides are still "Stuck" on outdated grinding methods, while "pure questing" guides tend to forget a good balance of the both is needed, because some quests are just not worth doing in terms of time you need to invest in them comparing to the amount of XP you get from them (Like doing group quests).

4. Being outdated in terms of technology .

Being outdated in terms of technology means that most wow leveling guides are written guides. They usually come in the forms of PDF files, online site or other textual form. That is making the player actually stop playing when he needs certain leveling information in game. That's why more updated wow leveling guides come in the form of in game addon, that can be activated inside the wow application, making all the info accessible in game.

5. Good wow leveling guides are fully automated.

That means that they have a task list that tells you what you should be doing next, and an arrow pointing in game on that direction (Including a dot on your mini- map). Whenever you finish a certain step (like finishing a quest for example) the task list automatically updates, to lead you to the next step.

As you can see, wow leveling guides have a real potential of dramatically cutting down on the leveling process needed to get to level 70, The trick is to know what you are looking for in your wow leveling product.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to Find the Cheapest Wow Gold

The decision to purchase wow gold is one that many World of Warcraft players make. The main reason why wow gold is purchased is because it can be used to help achieve victory in the game. Without wow gold many players suffer defeat.

Purchasing wow gold can be done in a number of ways. There are many online websites that are offering wow gold for sale, but that it not the only way to obtain it. There are many individuals who offer to sell their wow gold on online message boards. It is also possible to find the gold for sale on online auction sites.

Most individuals want to purchase things for a low price and wow gold is not an exception. When purchasing it, there are many individuals who search online for the cheapest wow gold. Finding the cheapest wow gold for sale can be done in a number of different ways.

The easiest way to find the cheapest wow gold is to compare the prices of the individuals selling it. If you are interested in purchasing gold from a reliable place you may want to do the transaction through an online website. These websites can be found by performing a simple internet search.

Once a collection of online websites selling wow gold has been found you can begin price comparing. Using the internet to compare prices of wow gold is an easy process that can be done in a matter of minutes. Price comparing is the most effective way to find the cheapest wow gold.

While finding the cheapest wow gold, the price is important to a large number of gamers, but it is important to keep quality in mind as well. Since all wow gold pieces are the same and they are used the same way the quality will have to be measured in different ways. In the case of finding the cheapest wow gold, quality should be measured in reliability and service.

When purchasing wow gold the process should easily work, but you never know if or when problems may arise. This is why it is good to deal with an individual who is willing to assist you in getting wow gold. Look to see if an online website has a customer service phone number or at least an email where the individual selling the wow gold can be reached if a problem should happen to occur.

Another way to find the cheapest wow gold is to ask other video game players. If you are an active gamer then it is likely that you may belong to a number of online groups. These groups are a great way to find information on things dealing with video games. It is possible that your online friends could have purchased wow gold before. If so, they could help you find a quality seller who is offering the cheapest wow gold.

Simply by using the internet and other resources at your disposal you can find and purchase wow gold. With a large number of online sellers why not take a few minutes to find the cheapest wow gold?

Find the Best WOW Maps

One of the reasons WOW is so popular is the sheer enormity of the world. It seems that there's always something new to explore, which is great for expansive game play, but can lead to confusion when you try to remember the best locations for mining or other activities! WOW maps can solve all of that.

Then consider that there are two expansion packs, that make an already immense landscape even larger, and that even dedicated WOW addicts sometimes forget where they've been, or where they need to go, finding great WOW maps seems like an even better idea.

The Major Continents

Depending on which expansion packs you have, and are playing with, there are three main continents: Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Northrend, and, if you have the burning crusade expansion pack, the Outland.

Knowing which lands you are playing in is the first step, but here are some ideas to find maps for the areas you need to know more about:

WOW Itself

World of Warcraft has its own maps, which show major landmarks, on the available continents, with landscapes shown.

Fan Sites

If you're looking for more complete WOW maps, fan sites are a good place to look, since they're created by dedicated WOW fans, and are usually more comprehensive. Some are simply expanded versions of the WOW maps themselves, with added information, but others are standalone, printable versions with much more information.

Google Images

Believe it or not, a search for WOW maps, or World of Warcraft Maps, on Google Images, brings up a fair number of maps that you can view and download. You can also narrow your search to a specific area by including the relevant keywords in your search.

Atlas Add On

There are atlas add ons available on line that run while you are playing, showing information on the various locations, as well as other information, and the Atlas Add On is expandable, so when new maps and information become available, you can update your service to include them.

A site that is built to house an interactive map, based on the Googlemaps format that can be searched and navigated, offering vital WOW information.

Because of its popularity, WOW maps are available all over the internet, and having a more detailed map can really make a huge difference to the quality of your game play, and help prevent confusion and frustration when you forget where a critical location is.

Much better to spend some time researching WOW maps online, and start your next campaign armed with information.

Quick WoW Guide to WoW UI Mods

When u play wow a bit longer then a month (or some people will even do it immediately), you might get annoyed with the standard WoW UI (user interface). Therefore Blizzard luckily gave us the option to adjust almost any part of the WoW interface.

There are various types of pretty useful WoW UI Mods available: from helping you with your quests, to alerting you about class specific skills. (I.e. like a soul shards counter for a Warlock, a so called DoTtimer or a stun counter for a Rogue). Most WoW interface mods are focused on improving the GUI, and just do that: they replace and change various areas with different sizes, colours, layouts, etc. - all to make the whole game as easy as possible. Some common and popular names are the Titanbar, the CTmod and Bongobars.

Titanbar, probably the most beloved World of Warcraft UI mod, comes with a nice questing feature. It will basically provide you with coordinates of where you are playing and the coordinates of your mouse on the map. Combine this handy info with the huge online databases like Thottbot and you’ll be able to find mobs, items and quests way faster than other players.

The CTMod WoW UI mod comes with certain functions which will inform you about any required or advised levels for specific quests. Which comes in handy now and then as it avoids immediately charging a yellow quest for example while the quest actually requires 2 levels higher than your level.

More and more functions are being made every day, and some people even try to code their own WoW interface mods. You’ll find a ton of information and other mods on the various WoW community forums, blogs and in a WoW Guide or two. Most users love to share their own specific UI setups and combinations of various add-ons, one even fancier than the other, so inspiration for building up your own World of Warcraft UI won’t be hard to find.

The more you’ll play, the more nifty and picky you’ll get at choosing your own mods,… and dropping other previous add-ons. Most players end up with their own personal setup, completely adjusted to their own play-style and character. After all, it’s your character, your play-style, and thanks to WoW’s fantastic mod features, also your own UI. All in all, it can really push your game experience a lot further then just the normal setup. If you’re a serious WoW player then there’s only one last thing I can add to this: go get some WoW UI mods!

3 Useful Tips to Protect Your WoW Accounts

Most of you guys are probably thinking of ways to protect your beloved WoW (World of Warcraft) Accounts. Doing so is not that complicated. You don't need to lock yourself into a vault or a safe room. I have listed 3 noob-proof ways to safeguard your precious WoW accounts.

Account Management/Password

In creating your WoW Account, you must take several things into consideration. Am I willing to provide my personal details? Can I access the e-mail going to be used? It's necessary to fill in all the required information accurately for account integrity. You also need to have a valid working e-mail registered so that if a problem occurs with your WoW Account it is much easier for you to be reached by Blizzard or vice versa.

Also, in making WoW accounts, you need to create a username and password. The more unique it is, the more secure. Much better if you haven't used it before and solely created it for WoW usage only. Use a strong password and always remember it. There is another security feature when you create a WoW Account, the secret question. By the name itself you should be able to know it is a "SECRET" question and only you know the answer. I strongly say that you don't share or tell those to others EVER!
I almost forgot, make sure you secure your original CD-KEY (which is registered to your WoW account) in a safe place. In case of ownership dispute or problem, you may need to provide those to Blizzard. And keep them a secret too OK?

Avoid Third Party programs/softwares

Don't rush things! Play the game fairly. Most of WoW Accounts holder tend to look for game hacks or exploits. Maybe there are a few but let's face it, if I had created or found an exploit for the game, why share it? We do stumble every now and then into sites or forums claiming that they have a program capable of duping items and generating golds in WoW. Either they will ask for your account details or make you download a certain software (key-loggers) mining your WoW account. There was once a bot program that surfaced the net in the past. It actually worked, you could use it to power level your WoW characters in a breeze. Many didn't know that their WoW username and passwords was secretly sent to game hackers. It's a scam trust me. You wouldn't like to be a weeping loser at the end.

Keep you Computer running safe

Anti-virus! Yes! It's for your own protection. It will protect your WoW Account as well as anything you do with your computer. You don't want your computer to be exposed with all the viruses spreading through the internet, do you? There are a lot of good virus protection softwares you can choose from the likes of McAfee, Norton, AVG, Kaspersky, etc. Choose the one that suits you and always make sure it is updated. And some do come for Free! So you don't have any excuse of getting yourself one.

Scan your system for malwares. There are programs that by-pass the virus scanner and compromise privacy. Install malware scanner along with your chosen anti-virus. Popular ones are Lavalyst's AdAware or Spybot's Search and Destroy.

Enable your Firewall. It is another way of securing your WoW Account. Firewall keep those "unwanted" data from entering our systems. We don't want our computers to be "vulnerable" against attacks and keeping it enabled is a must.

Now you are equipped with the knowledge and facts to start with. You don't have to worry getting your account in WoW hacked anymore. Well that's all the stuff I could dig up for you guys. (I presume J). Happy WoW Playing!

How To Farm Gold In WOW

Most people are asking how to farm gold in WoW. This should help you out. I will include a list on of some of the ways of farming for Warcraft gold. It is EASY! In the south, middle edge of The Badlands zone, nestled in the small valley, you can farm normal rock elements. These people seem to drop a lot of grey loot which vendors for 50 silver to 1.5 WoW gold, and they drop it at every kill. What they also drop is Elemental Earth which sells at the auction house for 1-3 WoW gold a piece. The average drop is 1 out of 17. Another way of how to farm gold in WoW, is to farm elemental slaves on the west side of Alterac mountains, for the chance to get elemental earths (1 out 15 kills). This goes for about 1-3 WoW gold a piece on AH.

You can also use elemental exiles on the southwest area of Arathi Highlands for elemental earths, which is also the same 1-3 WoW gold per earth on AH. How to farm gold in WoW is to farm in Arathi Highlands for 30 npcs of 2-6 silver each on 3-5 minute spawn timers. Times are not often camped. You could easily generate 1-5 WoW gold – even more if you are an AOE class. You can also farm in Arathi Highlands, as the alliance only, for 30-40 npcs of 2-6 silver each on 3-5 minute spawn timers. These timers are also not often camped. You could easily generate 1-5 WoW gold an hour. How to farm gold WoW? You can enter the secret scarlet monastery graveyard, in tristfall glades northwest corner of the map. This will get you a good 2 silver to 6 silver kill. Nevertheless, an AOE class can easily farm and reset the instance for outstanding 30-60 WoW gold in an hour.

Another way of how to farm gold in WoW, is to farm Warpwoods and Deadwoods for about 2-10 silver, rare herb drops. These sell around 1-5 WoW gold each. Living Essence sells for 1-1.5 WoW gold each at the Auction House. On the north side of Felwood zone near the alliance flight parth person, Warpwoods are located. The Deadwoods can be located just southwest of where the Warpwoods are. An easy 40-80 WoW gold an hour depending on AH prices. If you know how to farm gold in WoW and if you have faster dps class, then you can easily double your WoW gold per hour. Twilight hammer elites in Searing Gorge, is another way to farm. These elites are located west of the alliance/horde flight points. This is an easy 3-5 mageweave cloth per drop, and somewhere around 2silver to16silver per kill, with 9/10 silver, being the most common drop. You can undoubtedly make 10 WoW gold per hour off coin drops and around 5-20 WoW gold p/hour for the green and mageweave drops.

There are many more ways of how to farm gold in WoW. Farm the stockades in Stormwind City for easy greens and wool. It’s the best dungeon/instance to farm wool cloth because every other kill is worth 3-5 pieces of wool and there are about 100 NPCs in the instance. Don’t be alarmed when I tell you that a stack of wool can go from 77silver to 2 WoW gold at the AH. Try farming the scarlet monastery chests and locked chests for large knapsacks. These sell for 1.25-2 WoW gold. Occasionally, you will get a Blue item instead of Knapsacks. You usually get them once every 11th locked chest. Also, focus on the graveyard library and armory. NOT THE CATHEDRAL! Then you could easily get about 8 locked chests an hour and 10 regular ones. For this you’d need a rouge to lock pick or use blacksmithing and use Golden Skeleton Keys. This will require a 150 blacksmith skill.